Telamon governance

Led by its CEO, Christophe Bouthors, Telamon is organised around strategic and direction committees.

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strategic committee

Aurélie Denieuil

Investments Portfolio Director at Andera Partners

François-Xavier Mauron

Associate at Andera Partners

Antoine Le Bourgeois

Associate at Andera Partners

Benoît Panhard

President of Galiena Capital

Alain Panhard

President of Panhard International

Direction committee

Guillaume Lepoittevin

Administrative and financial director

Benoit Méon

Investor Relations Director

Sylvie Miceli

Director of Logistics Project Management and Business Parks

Christian Vallaud

Business Park Promotion Director

Pierre-Emmanuel Arnal

Residential Development Director

Guillaume Cariou

Legal Council

Jean-Michel Frammery

Managing Director Logistics Promotion Development

Yvan Gril

Director of Investment and Asset Management

Christophe BOUTHORS


Employee share ownership

Telamon is a simplified joint-stock company. 1/3 of its employees are company shareholders.

We aspire to be a leader in our field,
not just a standard